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consumers are looking for a
GAME-CHANGER in Their Health

Independent retail is a great way to launch your products and learn your customer, your demographics and receive personal feedback on your product.

The only way to be a game changer is to be retail ready and prepped. You typically have only one shot in your pitch and launch. Success is critical to sustainability. Sadly, most people fail. 

We can Help.

Hi, I am Terry Duperon and the co-founder and owner of the Good Fat Company, Clean Harvest Nutrients and  Good People Goods. He has been active in retail for the past 15 years from brand development and strategy to sampling bars in health food stores. His experience includes a CMO role in the Good Fat Company focused on digital marketing and sales. 

We are working hard toward making clean label foods a mainstay in your grocery store and other retail marketplaces. 

If you are inspired to make a difference in bringing healthy solutions to families, their clean and healthy food to eat and products to grow healthy and flourishing gardens, we want to help with this information to help optimize you for success right out of the gate. We can't save you from the challenges of self development you will need to go through and overcome, but we can help you with the information necessary to be pitch ready. The path takes patience, generosity and tenacity. AND IT'S TOTALLY POSSIBLE!

It's a Good $20 Investment. 

Be Kind to Yourself and Start Smart. If You are a Yes, Click Below.

Thank you. 

Want More Support. Ask us about our one on one customized mentoring programs and online training programs and workshops. We customize the training to start with where and how you are positioned in the markets and what markets you want growth. We will help from pre-launch to advanced sales channel strategy and consulting.



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