Clean Harvest Nutrients, 32 Ounce Plant Stimulant and Micro-Nutrient
Clean Harvest Nutrients, 32 Ounce Plant Stimulant and Micro-Nutrient

Clean Harvest Nutrients, 32 Ounce Plant Stimulant and Micro-Nutrient

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Clean Harvest Nutrients positively affects plant physiology & health. 

Makes your plants less susceptible to harsh weather and
soil conditions from heavy rain or drought. Plants are
naturally less susceptible to disease and insects. 

Hey Gardeners, Plant and Flower Lovers. Grow Your Own Nutrition in Harmony with Nature.

Clean Harvest Nutrients is an Eco-friendly, non toxic ready to use foliar spray plant stimulant and micronutrient to help your vegetables and flowers flourish. It was developed to help growers, gardeners and farmers grow and harvest the cleanest, most nutritious, best tasting and highest quality plants, fruits and vegetables.

Clean Harvest Nutrients was initially developed to help grow plants in outer space. We now can offer the same safe and clean technology that helps draw needed nutrients from the soil and it’s ionic formulation naturally enhances photosynthesis and the growing process.

Helps your plants thrive naturally with stronger stems, deeper root system and good clean nutrients for the good bugs in your soil.

Grow larger and more nutritious fruits and vegetables and your indoor and outdoor plants. It is both indoor and outdoor safe.

Technology that was originally developed for growing plants in outer space is now being utilized across agricultural applications.

Clean Harvest Nutrients helps your plants thrive, their natural desire to provide the best crop/plant possible for it’s contribution to nature.

Our patented ionic formulation creates a very efficient plant absorption from the nutrients in the soil and the zinc in Hemp Spurt Grow healthier, Stronger, Happier Plants, Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables with: Bigger, Tastier and More Nutritious Produce, Cleaner Plants, Higher Yields, Shorter Growing Cycle Less Susceptible to Bugs and Insects Stronger plants for our current more volatile and harsher growing conditions from heavy rains to drought conditions. In Harmony with Nature!

Clean Harvest Nutrients is a ready to use Home & Garden liquid micronutrient foliar spray. The formula contains an exclusive, patented ingredient that delivers a highly bioavailable form of zinc, which provides immediate nutrition to plants.

Zinc is an essential nutrient for plant life. Fruit, vegetable and flower plants all need a continuous supply of Zinc for optimal growth and plant yield.

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Clean Harvest provides immediate nutrition to plants. This superior formulation is designed for easy uptake by plants and naturally fortifies the plant against many potential plat stresses. The result is that Clean Harvest can not only correct nutrient deficiencies in plants, but may also increase abundance, quality and nutrition of your plants. Clean Harvest can be used as a standalone product or is compatible with and enhances the performance of other products, such as fertilizers and micronutrients.

  • Grow your own Nutrition
  • Multipurpose formula
  • Higher yields/increased biomass
  • Higher quality fruits and vegetables
  • Improves nutrients in the plant
  • Faster ripening/earlier flowering
  • Contains no toxic ingredients
  • Compatible with other gardening products
  • available in 8oz. and 32oz. sizes

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  • In Soil
  • Above Soil
  • Hydroponic
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Why Choose Clean Harvest Nutrients

  • Higher Nutrient Uptake
  • More Nutritious and Healthier Fruits/Vegetables
  • Bigger Produce
  • No Toxic Chemicals
  • Indoor Outdoor Safe

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