12 Pack of Banana Nut Bread Good Fat Keto Bars

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      Yes, you can have your keto and your banana too. The Banana Nut Bar is keto, with a 4.5:1 ratio of fats to protein and carbs combined. The bar is designed to help your body transform from burning sugar to burning fat.

      The Banana Nut Bar is packed with 16 grams of the best plant-based fats from raw and organic cacao butter and fresh walnuts. Fat is the most efficient fuel source of sustainable energy for your body.

      Cacao butter is packed with antioxidants and also rich in calcium, iron, and magnesium, which supports your heart and brain health.

      Walnuts are a great source of nutrition for optimal health and have rare and powerful plant-based antioxidants, supports healthy cholesterol, contains the amino acid l-arginine which is known to support heart health. Walnuts also contain neuroprotective compounds including vitamin E, melatonin, and folates.

      This tasty bar is a great companion to have with you to satisfy your sweet tooth and giving you a boost of calm and consistent energy.

      Gluten-Free, Vegan, Grain Free, Soy Free, High % Raw and Organic

      Nutritional Information

      Net wt: 1oz (21 g) 16.5 g fat, 2.9 g carbs, .7 g protein, 164 cal.


      **Cacao Butter, Walnuts, *Banana Powder, cinnamon *Monk Fruit, Celtic Sea Salt **Organic, *Non-GMO

      Suggested Use

      Mid morning or afternoon snack, pre and post workout or 1x per day during intermittent fasting


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