Wholesale & Consulting Services

Good People Goods is a CPG retail broker and consulting company. We support emerging and seasoned brands navigate the sales process and get your products placed into retail stores. Good People Goods sells directly into regional and national retailers and its distribution channels. Retailers include Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and a host of other regional and national retailers across multiple categories. 

We have a special passion for working with brands that produce clean food and conscious goods.

Combining our seasoned relationships with buyers and brokers with our innovative targeted strategies we provide expedited access to the decision making buyers.

Being prepared is critical. We make sure your collateral is relevant, focused on your target demographic while answering the questions retailers and consumers are asking. 

In this customer-centric world, the customer is king. Your brand needs to be agile and smart to get your products to the best retail channels for profitable, scalable growth that creates brand awareness, loyalty while driving investor interest. 

Services and Expertise

Sales and Marketing Strategy 

  • Brand messaging to best position your brand in the marketplace for each retail channel and for direct-to-consumer marketing strategies.
  • Sales channel analysis and strategy for profitability and brand awareness including digital direct-to-consumer, brick and mortar retailers and niche e-commerce retailers.
  • Profitability and pricing/cost models for each sales channel. 
  • Fulfillment resources for wholesale distribution and direct-to-consumer sales.
  • Negotiating for best positioning with buyers and brokers
  • Provide support in mapping out and creating marketing collateral with relevant information and data distinguishing your brand from competitors Collateral shall include sell sheet(s), sales deck with competitive analysis.
  • Sales Decks with relevant content to the targeted sales channel.
  • Sales Representation and negotiations to retail and distribution buyers across many verticals and categories including health and beauty, grocery, C-Stores, Groupon, health food, Dollar Stores, High Performing marketplace sellers and managers and niche e-commerce retailers.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Ecommerce Strategy
  • Knowledge and access to the digital tools to have you play like big brands for growth. 
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