Spanish River Organic Soil Amendment, 2 Pound Bag

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      Spanish River Carbonatite is a volcanic carbonatite rock found in the Sudbury region in Northern Ontario, Canada formed over 2.8 billion years ago. It is an entirely natural, organically-approved, mineral soil amendment and mineral fertilizer, Spanish River Carbonatite contains an extensive suite of trace minerals. Many of the minerals are critical catalysts in mineral/microbial/plant interactions and explain in part SRC’s excellent response over a vast and complex array of different soil types and growing conditions.

      SRC’s mineral composition is among the reasons that it is an agricultural problem solver. SRC is a combination of minerals such as calcium (60%), phosphorous (5%), potassium (2%), iron (4%) in association with magnesium and most of the micronutrients, trace elements and rare earths that are essential for optimal soil balance and healthy plant growth.


      • Superior for organic gardening
      • most extensive suite of trace minerals of any organic or chemical fertilizer we have found
      • Organic chemistry, mineral/nutrient content
      • (highest brix), accelerated germination
      • Improved and increased root mass and root depth/extension
      • 1 lb covers a 4’ x 5’ garden


      Reactive Minerals Helps Reduce or Eliminate Metal Toxicities in the Soil

      Naturally Potent Chemistry

      50% Calcium Carbonate

      25% Biotite (Potassium Mica / Pyroxene / Vermiculite)

      12% Apatite (Phosphorus)

      13% Trace and Rare Earth Elements


      Partial List of Trace Elements (Note: as ppm – parts per million):

      1200 ppm manganese (Mn)

      60 ppm zinc (Zn)

      10 ppm copper (Cu)

      10 ppm cobalt (Co)

      12 ppm molybdenum (Mo)

      40 ppm boron (B)

      How To Apply 

      • Lightly sprinkle on selected garden area at a rate of 1lb per 21-25 square feet (about a 5x5-foot square) of garden space. Gently rake or till into surface.
      • Sprinkle lightly into seed furrows or seed drill holes after seeding and before covering with soil.
      • Sprinkle into planting holes for transplants.
      • Add a tablespoon or two per gallon of planting mix for planters and pots.


      Caution: Avoid breathing rock dust.

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