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Heritage Glandulars Multi Glandular is sourced from the cleanest environments on the planet under natural conditions. All ingredients are from New Zealand and Argentina, where govt regulations are strict to adhere to organic guidelines and compliance. There are no steroids, GMO’s, antibiotics, and all animals are free range and grass fed. Heritage Glandulars can not produce a better product here on planet earth.

This supplement universally integrates with a number of popular health improving practices including ketosis, fasting, enhanced oxygen therapies, other supplements, stem cells, anti-aging, performance nutrition, and detoxification.

We are trying to mimic what our ancestors ate. They did not eat glands every day of their lives.

What Do Glandulars Do?

Discovering the value of consuming glands was the objective of most nutrition and medical research from 1880 to 1920. The progress of research went like this…

Surgically inserting a thyroid gland from sheep under the skin of a hypothyroid woman improved her health greatly.

Consuming a thyroid gland also showed health improvement.

Burning a thyroid gland and consuming the ash STILL provided health improvement despite the proteins, fats, and vitamins being destroyed. What was providing the benefit?

Analyzing the ash, it was discovered that the mineral content was merely 0.5% of the total content of the original gland. Thus, it was ignored by the majority of researchers.

A minority of researchers continued researching the minerals and discovered DNA.

Conclusion: the value of consuming glands is to acquire the DNA which helps repair that organ in the body. There are other valuable nutrients in glands, too.

If you are deficient in DNA, then your body cannot reproduce or grow cells.
Suggested Use
  • For maintenance of good health, take one bottle for one month, 2 months off, repeat, for a total of four bottles per year.
  • For more focused healing, finish one bottle per month for 3 months in a row. Take at least a one month break before starting again.
  • Take 4 capsules per day during the month you are taking it.



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