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Posted on April 01 2020

A little about me, Terry Duperon, and about the Good People Goods Company. I have a deep love and appreciation for nature and the outdoors. I’m a grandfather, husband, dad, and an Influencer.  

Terry DuperonMy passion for clean foods came from working the wholesale space where foods were at times anything but our definition of clean.  As a retail strategist, I found myself continuously questioning ingredients. I worked with many brands that contained nitrates, preservatives, corn syrup, MSG , and unnatural food colorings.  As I became more aware of the impact foods have on our bodies, as well as the abundance of food labels filled with dangerous ingredients, it started to bother me that I was helping bring these products into the market. I finally made the decision to only represent the cleanest food and consumer brands available, foods that do not interfere with the Natural Life of our bodies.

I committed to being someone that forwarded people the opportunity to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Because of my love for Yoga and daily meditation practice I decided to throw spiritual and emotional health into the pot. Our mission is to be a source of Good for people individually and globally focusing on awareness and a loving culture with reverence for self and others.

We are working hard toward making clean label foods a mainstay in your grocery store and other retail marketplaces. Good People Goods believes that eating clean foods, free of pesticides, additives, and synthetic food coloring is an integral piece in achieving and maintaining physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Here at Good People Goods, you can expect our blogs to educate, inspire, and keep you current on food trends, laws, and news for the movement on clean foods. You will also learn about many of the makers and what inspired them to create their products and watch them grow from our marketplace into your local health food and grocery stores. 

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